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Ten ideas to bring you spring success

Are you considering selling your home this spring? Do you want some ideas about where to start? If so – then let’s talk about 10 THINGS you need to think about as you start getting your home ready for success!

Even if you are just in the early planning stages, call your trusted REALTOR® to come view your home. If you don’t have a go-to REALTOR®, then ask around to your friends or family for their honest recommendations!

When you meet with your agent, you’ll be able to walk through your home and make a list of the items that need attention prior to listing your home and having it shown to prospective buyers.

Some items to include in your check list are:

1. Roof and gutters: Check for loose shingles, leaks and clogged gutters — having clean gutters reinforces to the buyers that the home has been maintained.

2. Driveway: Check for stains, have new gravel laid, or have the surface pressure-washed or re-sealed, if needed.

3. Exterior Trim: Check around your doors, porches, windows and inspect for areas of wood that may contain rot. It’s usually a simple fix by a contractor and will be another way to show pride of ownership.

4. Windows: Check all windows for cracks or broken seals. If there is moisture inside double-pane windows, then a seal has been broken and can be fixed.

5. Carpet: Does it need to be cleaned or replaced? Ask yourself one question, “If I were a buyer, would I want to move into a home with a visibly dirty or overly-worn carpet?” Sometimes a carpet allowance can be a negotiating option, so consult with your REALTOR® to explore your best options.

6. Chimney/Fireplace: Your chimney should be inspected yearly for you and your family’s safety and for potential buyers. Even if you don’t use it regularly, it might be worth having it cleaned and inspected before selling your home to avoid any surprises.

7. Hidden Areas: Make sure to clean under the refrigerator, around the stove, washer and dryer, hard-to-reach cabinets, and do not forget to clean that pesky dryer vent! Home inspectors often note the dryer exhaust as a potential hazard if not properly cleaned and maintained.

8. HVAC: If you have your heating and cooling systems serviced on a regular basis, locate your service records and receipts to share with any potential buyers. If the systems haven’t been serviced, be prepared to do so per buyers’ request on their list of home inspection requests.

9. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Simply put, test and replace batteries in all of your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

10. Curb Appeal: It can make or break a listing. It will get a buyer into your home and help spark their interest as they are looking at listings online. With little investment and maybe a weekend of work, you can plant flowers or lay new mulch, maybe paint/stain your front porch/rails, or wash windows and storm doors in order to beautify and enhance your exterior look. A little effort here goes a long way!

While each property presents different opportunities and different challenges, these 10 THINGS can help make your home more appealing to buyers as you prepare for a successful spring!

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