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Summer Seller Tips

Summer Seller Tips: Here are FIVE tips that can help make your home stand above the rest during the summer selling season!

1. Always keep it clean and colorful around the front door. Hanging or potted plants or some new color in the flower beds always make for a welcome entrance. Maybe you can freshen up your shutters or front door with a coat of paint. Little things that freshen your exterior will make a difference.

2. Use mother nature to help brighten your home. If you’re currently occupying your home, keep blinds and curtains open to let in as much light as possible during showings. A dark house isn’t welcoming to any buyer, whether they realize it or not.

3. Stay on top of your mowing and weeding. With the wet spring we’ve had, grass is green and ever-growing. By mowing frequently, the home’s curb appeal is increased and you can stand out amongst the competition. Overgrown yards and weedy flower beds could make buyers wonder about the excessive maintenance required by your property.

4. Extra evening daylight hours allow showings to creep on into the dinner hour. The more flexible you are with showings, the more folks can come view the property as it fits into their busy schedule. That late evening showing just MIGHT be the next owner of your home, try to be flexible.

5. Often times, buying agents are showing many properties in a day to their clients and when it’s super hot outside, the best thing they can walk into is a fresh blast of air conditioning. Try to keep your thermostat set pretty low so they can enjoy the time in the home rather than wondering why they’re still sweating while viewing your property.

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