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Frugally Finding Your Home's Potential

Often times when a prospective buyer views a house, it is hard to imagine what renovations the house could benefit from and whether those renovations would be worthwhile for the buyer to pursue. Time, money, and ability are all factors to take into account before beginning projects around the house. Sometimes all a house needs is one solid renovation that you spend a lot of time on. Or maybe you might focus on multiple small renovations that aren’t exceedingly time consuming or expensive. Past clients Alyssia Stephens, Amara Nicole, and Courtney Rhines answered questions regarding what renovations they found to be the easiest and most worthwhile. They also revealed what renovations were the hardest and that, if they had to do it all over again, they would leave for the professionals to conquer.

Easiest and Most Rewarding Renovations:

Painting (Specifically Walls): While this may seem like a no brainer, a lot of people may struggle with the motivation to paint rooms of the house in colors that better suit their style because it requires some time commitment. But Alyssia says that, “it is the easiest and cheapest way to make a huge impact if you prepare properly and have the right tools.”

Floor Refinishing: This is an easy and inexpensive way to bring a dull floor back to life. Courtney explained that she used two different Rejuvenate products: a cleaner and a restorer, and these both did wonders to the hardwood floor.

New Appliances: Whether it be a new stainless steel refrigerator or a quirky gas stove that adds character to the kitchen space, new appliances are an easy way to add a new look to a house or room. Amara explained that, “it was just a matter of picking the ones we wanted and getting them delivered,” and the low amount of commitment is what makes new appliances an easy renovation for her.

Painting Cabinets: Alyssia stated that the quotes for getting cabinets professionally painted were way more than what she and her husband were willing to spend so they decided to take on the project themselves. They ended up spending $150 total painting all kitchen cabinets white and Alyssia claimed that they really brightened the room and went well with the floor and counter tops.

Wood Laminate Over Tile Flooring: Amara emphasized how putting wood look laminate over a white tile floor warmed up the space of the house considerably. Though this may not be an inexpensive project, it is worthwhile in the end because it provides a much warmer atmosphere to the house if that is what you are looking for.

Kitchen Counter Top: As you know, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and a new counter top is a renovation that can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the kitchen and the house overall. Courtney said that it seemed to be a hit and that it was one renovation that she felt was the most bang for her buck.

Some renovations might just be better left for the professionals though:

New Light Fixtures: Electrical work can be tough to do on your own and might be better suited for a professional. This is not one of the easier renovations to do, but can be DIY with the proper know-how.

Painting the Deck and Patio: Alyssia explained, “We applied the wrong type of stain on the deck the first time, so we had to redo it shortly after and I had no clue the wood used for our patio would soak up so much paint.”

These are just a few ideas to show you the potential your current or future home holds. Putting your touch on a house is what makes it a home.

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