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Are you doing your homework?

In my experience, there is always something we can be doing to make progress. As we run, we get excited about the next challenge or the next race, we sign up, then what? Do we just wait around until the race? Some might, but most of us know better. We need to do our homework. We need to train, perform speed work, agonize through long runs, stretch and strengthen, constantly hydrate, eat right, and rest well. This is stuff that needs to be done in an ongoing fashion until we line up at the start.

The same goes for real estate transactions. Think with me here…

Say that your first 5K is your first time renting your own place. It’s a big deal! You’re on your own! You’ve made it! But many of us realize either before the race or quite possibly during the race, that we need to do our homework. We need to train, we need to eat well, we need to have miles in our legs so that our 5K isn’t too chaotic and punishing. The same goes with your first lease you sign, you want to be prepared. You want to do the homework: make sure you have money saved for the security deposit, application fees, and your first month’s rent. Providing pay stubs to prove your income is much like showing up to the start line knowing your legs can and will do this. You want to make sure your credit will prove you worthy of becoming a tenant. It only helps to do your homework.

Now, you’ve run some 5Ks, rented a few places, and are ready for a bigger race, maybe a half-marathon or full, or ready to buy your first home. Again, you gotta do your homework. As your Realtor®, I can be your coach. Whether it’s your first rodeo in the 5K or the upgrade into your forever home, there are plenty of things you can be doing right now to better your chances of success.

Keep that credit looking good, try to set aside a little money in savings for a potential down payment or to have that security deposit there when you need it. Be sure to communicate regularly and clearly with your Realtor® when you need help, when you get your butt kicked by a hard workout, if you’re employment changes, if you have questions or ideas, or just need some honest, clear advice of how to best move forward. Like a good coach, we can help figure it all out with you.

So are you doing your homework?

Let me know if you have any question, ideas, or goals of future races or homes, and always remember “Clay can help!”

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