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We get by with a little help

As a Realtor®, amongst all of the clients that we help, it’s always refreshing to have a friend recommend you to someone they know or to have the opportunity to simply help a friend. The actual work might take only five minutes or drag on for over 18 months, but help is help and that’s what I’ve chosen to do. In the past week, two good friends have reached out to me in completely different circumstances, one with a friend moving to our state to start a new job, and the other moving her family out of state with her husband who continues to proudly serve our great nation. During each of their weeks, they realized that I could help and I was deeply honored to be that guy with the helping hand.

As we live these crazy lives of ours and schedule out every hour of every day, it’s nice to get back to those bonds that keep us humans acting human. In my experience, friendships are the best tools for any new direction you see yourself going. Need to find a baby sitter so you and the wife can start having date night again? A friend’s words are far more valuable than any ad you see in the paper. Worried about joining a fun run you see on posted on Facebook with a bunch of skinny, Olympian-looking fellas? Having your friend down the street go with you to make sure you are welcomed with open arms will surely make it easier. Have your children graduated from college and you’re interested in downsizing to a more manageable home? Ask your friends who can help answer the questions you surely have. Most times, their honest advice will prove more beneficial than some Google search. Tired of seeing thousands in rent vanish into thin air each year and wonder what exactly it would take for you to buy your first home? You know you have a friend who would guide you through each step and explain your options. Just ask them!

I encourage all of you to think about something you might be interested in doing and rather than letting Google be your first stop to answer questions, call a friend. Better yet, meet a friend for an evening walk or to grab a bite to eat and take the time to hear what they say or what they’d recommend. I know that I am definitely guilty of trying to do everything on my own with my little electronic devices, but I too need to take my own advice. Reaching out to friends will prove that two heads are better than one!

As a Realtor®, I work solely for my clients. I’m extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to help friends, family, friends of family, and families of friends of friends of families! Ha! I welcome any and all questions or curiosities, real estate related or not. I’m also an unlicensed professional in tacos, in case anyone needs any expert insight into that delicious subject. Seriously though, thank you to those friends for reaching out this past week to remind me of this little fact I’m writing about and I encourage all of you reading this to always know that “Clay can help!”

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